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A: WA Police claim that alcohol consumption on a charter bus is comes under the so called 'street drinking' laws. Police claim thay will stop buses and fine drivers and passengers for street drinking. They have also previously issued defect notices on buses where empty alcohol containers have been found in rubbish bins. Perth Party Bus thus has a policy of not letting alcohol containers such as cans and bottles on the bus.
A: Best you wear nightclub type attire to avoid hassles at the nightclubs in Northbridge, Subiaco or at the Casino. You never know, you might get lucky and finish up at unexpected venues. Perth Party Bus, itself has no dress rules. Fancy dress might be and idea. Let Perth Party Bus so the driver can match you.
A: Yes. Send us an email. This is usually not a drama.
A: Yes. But please let us know by email. There is no cancellation fee.
A: Please do. The easiest way to confirm is to reply to the Confirmation Email. It is not a great worry as we will wend a "Please Reconfirm" email a few days before. The reason for the reconfirmation is that some people cancel and foreget to tell us. However, we don't cancel even if you forget to reconfirm by email. If we still don't get your reconfim email, we will call you by mobile on the day.
A: Your happy friends. ID is useful for entry to night clubs.
A: Please use our website at, Email email (@)
A: Yes. Our website has a quote form on the home page. When you get your quote, you can reply to the quote with the final details and we will book it into the system. Your booking will be secure when you have recieved you 'Confirmation Email'.
A: With money. Bank transfer or cheque a fortnight in advance or cash on the night when the bus arrives. Check with Perth Party Bus for other arrangements.
A: Sometimes. A few pubs in Vincent require bookings to comply with the 'Vincent Accord'. Other venues may like a booking to ensure they have the staff available. A few venues state that they don't accept bus groups, but they tnd to relax their own rules whenever their business is down. Just like their dress rules, they enforce when busy and not when quiet. Ocassionally we have to adjust the tour if a venue is unexpectedly full. Occasionally a bus is turned away if the crowd it too rowdy. Try to keep group pieceful at pub entrances.
A: No. Buses are a smoke free area under WA regulations.And it's about time you gave up anyway. Today would be a good day to give up.
A: No. I hate the paperwork. We have very few problems with our customers and it takes up too much office time. We don't accept the practice of confiscating deposits.
A: Our experience is that The Dolls House will be the most memorable experience for a bucks night. Ask them to put a special performance on for the groom. Unforgettable.
A: Pole dancing lessons at a pole dancing studio even at a male strip club. It can be very useful to know how to keep your man's attention.
A: Yes. Please email us to arrange. We have done this many times.
A: Yes. But try give us some notice. Just reply to your confirmation email saying you may be down on numbers.
A: We love bucks parties. Can you out party us?
A: Yes. Some venues require bookings for bus groups.
A: CD MP3 pioneer header unit three output, 1000W total amplifier, Bose 301 full range and JBL speakers, Kenwood sub-woofers. It rocks.
A: Yes. We don't go off to do other work in the middle of your pub-crawl.
A: Usually we pick you up at 7.00pm or 7.30pm at your house. Sometimes from a central location like Wellington Street bus station or casino.
A: Usually the tour finishes in Northbridge, Subiaco, Claremont or Casino at midnight. Here you are free to stay as long as you like and make your own way home when you finish your nightclub partying.
A: This is called a transfer. We do a lot of transfers. Often we stop in Kings Park for photos, at no extra cost. Visit Perth Party Transfers page.  Transfers 
A: Yes. They just love a good party. So you think you can out party one of our drivers.