Employment with Perth Bus

Equal Opportunity Policy

  • Perth Bus is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.
  • Perth Bus promotes fair practices in the workplace.
  • Perth Bus encourages recognition of and respect for the social and cultural backgrounds of all staff.
  • All Perth Bus staff members are responsible for ensuring that Perth Bus continues to provide a work place free of discrimination, and where all employees are treated on the basis of their merits and performance.
  • All allegations of discrimination will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. The confidentiality of all parties will be maintained. Where allegations are substantiated, appropriate action will be undertaken to ensure that the discrimination does not continue.
  • All policies and procedures will be consistent with State and Commonwealth Legislation.

Working for Perth Bus

  • Perth Bus has an environment that is friendly, welcoming and open to change.
  • Perth Bus takes pride in delivering quality and value for money.
  • Perth Bus staff have a genuine passion for the work they do.
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